How Finance Impacts Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Finance marketing is an exciting but competitive business sector. It’s also a sector that’s constantly evolving to keep up with the fast pace of change. Here, share 3 key trends in finance marketing which require an improvement in content creation, offer a clear set of action items to moving ahead, and describe one of popular examples.

The one trend I want to focus on in finance marketing is relevance. Relevancy is key when it comes to anything you publish or promote on the web, but it becomes particularly important in an area like finance. You need to make sure that your content and articles are as relevant as they can be, but how do you judge relevance? It’s a tricky balance, because, although we all think in terms of relationships, finance marketing is often characterised by impersonal, top-driven decision making. Is providing an article about a relationship or investment tip likely to hold any relevance for a reader? Probably not, but it does provide a starting point for thinking about relevance.

Another important trend I want to highlight is the increase in the creation of interactive content in finance marketing. With most articles published online it’s now common to include a shortcode to track the traffic received from that article and calculate conversion rates. Interactive infographics are another tool commonly used to achieve this.

The third trend I want to highlight is the integration of finance into social channels. For example, many people are tweeting about finance, investing, mortgages, etc – using various social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and others. A digital marketing strategy that doesn’t incorporate these social channels into its plan is likely to fail.

Finally, I want to discuss the role of finance in the content marketing strategy for a credit union. Although the content marketing strategy is very relevant to a credit union, it is perhaps less so if those involved in creating the content aren’t residents of that particular credit union. This is why it is important to include finance in your overall plan for content marketing. If you’re trying to promote finance to a resident of your own credit union – make sure that your efforts to connect with the residents. Otherwise, they will be unable to relate to the content you’ve provided.

Hopefully from this article you’ll have a better understanding of how finance can impact your digital marketing strategy. If you are looking to increase your revenue, incorporate finance into your marketing mix as part of a larger visual content strategy, or you want to use infographics for educating and informing your customers, finance is an excellent way to do that. Using infographics to show a visual representation of the financial services offered by your organization can communicate several important points to potential clients. By sharing information about the type of services you provide with graphic illustrations, it’s easier for customers to understand.

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