Bank Syz Will Now Keep Your Cryptocurrencies Safe Too

One of the hardest battles that cryptocurrencies and its endorsers have faced in the past 10 years is the acceptability of digital coins by banks. Many believe that banks will never accept digital currencies as it jeopardizes the very financial system they are based on.

However, things are changing for crypto investors and those interested in crypto trading anywhere in the world as more banks accept digital currencies as reality. Bank Syz, a financial institution based in Geneva, has come forward to accept cryptocurrencies in its accounts.

Limited Coverage but Great Nonetheless

The most important progress made by the bank is that it will not limit its services to just being a custodian to your cryptocurrencies. In fact, it will also provide crypto trading services and that may be good news for every cryptocurrency broker out there.

The coverage from the bank is limited at the moment, but it is good news nonetheless. Whether you want to trade or keep your cryptocurrencies safe with the bank, you will only be able to use Chainlink, Polygon, Ethereum, and Bitcoin at the moment.

It is quite likely the bank will include more cryptocurrencies to its services. However, for now, it is catering to the needs of those who own some of the major cryptocurrencies stated above.

Promising Client Satisfaction

One of the questions that arise in the minds of those who would want to trade digital currencies or store them with Bank Syz is if the bank will take care of their crypto money like it does regular money.

The bank has already answered this important concern for traders by declaring that it will give the same level of care to their crypto assets as it has always given to the conventional assets. In fact, the bank has gone so far as to arrange its own team for handling these matters for its clients.

A Safe Future for Crypto Investors

There are chances that people will trust Bank Syz more than they trust exchanges. The online exchanges are not conventional banks and their security measures have not lived up to the promises.

The recent demise of FTX is proof of that security lapse. Bank Syz could come as a breath of fresh air for crypto investors due to its proven security measures and protocols.

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