EcoMarkets Review – Three Notable Features of the Broker

If you have ended up on this EcoMarkets review, then you are probably searching for an online broker to begin your trading journey. The financial markets are highly lucrative, a fact that’s quite well-known, but their popularity has surged significantly in the last decade or so, primarily because of cryptocurrencies and now the global coronavirus pandemic. Since making money through these markets is easier than others, many people have turned towards them, but you need a brokerage to assist you during this process. There are hundreds of these platforms that you can find, but choosing one requires some effort.

This is because you want to ensure that the brokerage you are choosing can offer you the services you require and deliver a smooth trading experience. Where does EcoMarkets fit? It was founded by Oxilian Dev Works LTD that has its offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands and even though it is relatively new, its reputation is already quite solid. But, why should you go for it? Here are three of its notable features that have made it a popular choice;

The Diverse Range of Instruments

The first thing that anyone looks at when they are checking out a broker is the trading instruments. After all, if it doesn’t offer you the right ones, why would you choose it? This is the first feature of EcoMarkets that has helped it in surpassing expectations because it has a diverse range of instruments available. It is understood that people want to trade in the financial markets to make maximum profits and that is only a possibility when you have good instruments for trading.

A look at the options provided at EcoMarkets shows that they have put together a range of profitable trading instruments that belong to some of the biggest financial markets in the world. You will be able to trade forex currency pairs, both major and minor, cryptocurrencies, indices, soft and hard commodities and also stocks of some of the biggest companies. This enables you to diversify your portfolio easily, which is the best strategy for minimizing the trading risks and maximizing profits.

The Effective Security Policies

Even though many people want to trade online because of the flexibility it offers, there are many who end up not giving it a shot because of the security concerns associated with it. Cybercriminals are very active and they don’t miss any opportunity of stealing your personal information, or your money. Trading online means entrusting a broker with both these things and this makes it risky. Fortunately, you will find that EcoMarkets has developed effective security policies for minimizing these risks.

They have opted to use 256-bit advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption that helps in keeping all your information secure. The Privacy Policy at EcoMarketsensures that no third parties can access your data without consent. They also keep funds in segregated accounts, which means the company does not use the deposits for its own activities and only keeps them for trading purposes. Along with these measures, they also comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policies that reduce the risk of financial fraud, identity theft and money laundering.

The User-Friendly Trading Platform

One of the most crucial features of any brokerage is their trading platform i.e. the software used for trade execution. You will find that EcoMarkets has developed their own trading platform, which is powered by sophisticated technology for executing lighting fast trades and giving results in real-time. The user-interface is also very friendly and traders can navigate it without any problems or complaints.

Since it is a web-based platform, you will be able to access the EcoMarkets software on any device that you have handy. Mobile apps for Android and iOS are also available and enable you to trade from anywhere and at any time.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks to these three prominent features, you will be able to use EcoMarkets for making the most of the trading opportunities in the market.

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